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The Prodigy (2019)

The Prodigy (2019) Nobody will deny that children-geniuses are a unique and priceless gift of nature. A smart child is a matter of pride of his parents. Such a child becomes the protagonist of this film. However, he does not cause pride in his mother, but attacks of insomnia. A woman is so worried about her son that she lost her peace and sleep!

When an ordinary eight-year-old boy begins to show super-abilities, his mother begins to worry. And what if the unusual behavior of her beloved little son is the influence of some supernatural powers? How can such a small boy be not of age intelligent and strong? He is supposed to drive on the bike, play pranks, fight with neighbor boys and play video games! But it was not there! A small child shows very strange abilities, which causes his mother to get worried and urgently seek help from famous scientists. All together, they are trying to determine what is the reason for this unnatural behavior of the boy. What changed the ordinary boy and turned him into a real superhero? Already, did not any of his aliens, otherworldly forces or American intelligence agencies interfere in his fate? Do you want to know what happened to the unique boy in fact? Worry for his life? Wait for this film to appear on the screens, and get answers to all your questions!


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The Prodigy (2019)

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The Prodigy (2019)

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