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Papa (2018)
Cruel and offensive phrase, pronounced by a young man in the direction of his own father, in the dramatic tape “Daddy Die,” became a parable to the unfolding tragic events in the family. The intransigence, adolescent maximalism and belief in its significance ultimately led to the fact that the young offspring, not once faced with life problems and troubles, is trying to find
Today, 00:04
The Island (2018)
On the very edge of Maine is a small island, cut off by water from the outside world. The inhabitants lived in peace, they got on a ferry to the city to buy food and provide themselves with everything they needed. Crossing worked steadily until certain events. The locals successfully fished and earned good money. People did not complain about their detachment, the mobile
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Kafir (2018)
Kafir full film izle Kafir 2018 full izle Kafir 2018 full. Yasemin's fiancee is pleased with the horizon. Everything shocks the nightmare, Ayse, while turning a beautiful life into a disorder. Sisters' nightmare and, in fact, the facts, in their homes, they are persecuted, their balances begin to deteriorate and their lives become miserable. As nothing is a coincidence,
Yesterday, 23:58
Mapplethorpe (2018)
This controversial story about life and work is in its own way the brilliant, but still quite controversial photographer Robert, in the biographical drama “Mapplethorpe,” which gained some fame in the distant 1970s of the last century. World-wide fame came to the hero after he first laid out the nude figure of porn actor Benjamin Green, known as the performer of the main roles
Yesterday, 23:55
Break (2018)
Sean, along with his children, arrives at his father’s mansion, in which she spent her childhood. She had not been here for a long time and much had changed since her last visit to the house. Now the mansion looks like an impregnable fortress, and even the most perfect prison can envy security measures. She needs to spend only a weekend here, but the very first night will be a
Yesterday, 23:51
Thunder Road (2018)
A police officer faces a personal meltdown following a divorce and the death of his mother.
Yesterday, 23:46
22 July (2018)
Netflix presents to its subscribers and movie fans a picture, the plot of which is based on real events. On that hot summer day, the twenty-second of July, nothing foreshadowed trouble. However, a terrorist attack occurred in Norway, the worst in the last few decades. The victims of the terrorists were children and adults, women and men. This picture reliably tells about all
Yesterday, 23:13
Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018)
People have always dreamed of meeting representatives of another intelligent life. The film "Atlantic Frontier 2" shows why there are dreams that are better not to come true. Especially when alien guests come from where they were not expected. Instead of flying from space, they appear from a fault formed in the ocean depth and turn out to be real monsters. And although people
Yesterday, 23:05
Among the Shadows (2018)
A private investigator must unravel the murder of her uncle while keeping the secret that she is a descendant from a line of werewolves.
Yesterday, 22:59
The Farm (2018)
After a long drive, the young couple decide to stop near the roadside cafe and have a snack. Shortly after the meal, unknown people kidnap their meat dishes. Caught in an abandoned farm, a man and a woman are subjected to cruel torture.
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