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25-09-2018, 22:06
Killers Anonymous (2018)
Despite the fact that filming a new indie thriller "Anonymous Killers" is in full swing, casting into the project continued until recently. In the last car of the outgoing cast of actors, the inimitable Gary Oldman (Oscar for Best Actor in Dark Times) and the fascinating Jessica Alba (nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in the Dark Angel TV series) jumped, writes
22-09-2018, 10:23
Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (2019)
Cartoon "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu" became a natural continuation of the franchise development. It was planned to shoot it for many years, it was necessary to wait for the opportunity to watch a full-length film. The central character in it was Detective Pikachu, who helps a kid named Tim to track down the missing father. It is voiced by Ryan Reynolds. Other characters were
19-09-2018, 14:32
A Simple Favor (2018)
Do not promise to fulfill even the most innocent, it would seem, request, if you do not know for sure what it can turn out for you and for the people around you. A new criminal American-style criminal thriller from Paul Fig, acting director, producer and screenwriter overnight, will catch you alive, allow you to plunge into mysterious and, sometimes mysterious events, get out
19-09-2018, 14:26
Climax (2018)
The film "Climax" tells about the consequences of unrestrained craving for immoral entertainment. Mid-90-ies of the last century. Closed boarding school, located in the most frequent forest, away from civilization. It has long been no one inhabits, and gloomy rooms are fraught with terrible secrets about what happened here once. It is rumored that the institution conducted
19-09-2018, 14:25
Searching (2018)
In the center of the story is a man named David Kim. After the death of his beloved wife, he alone brings up Margot's daughter with whom they are best friends. The girl is already quite grown up, finishes school and takes the entrance exams to college and seems to be a happy and sociable child. One day, Margot begs his father for additional classes late, but does not return.
19-09-2018, 14:25
The Nun (2018)
When a young nun commits suicide in a solitary monastery in Romania, to investigate the incident the Vatican sends a priest with a foggy past and a novice on the verge of irrevocable vows. Risking not only lives, but faith, and even their souls, they face an evil force that has taken on the form of a demonic nun, and the monastery becomes the field of a terrible battle between
17-09-2018, 22:22
Glass (2019)
The kidnapper with multiple personality disorder and the disabled disable Mr. Glass come out on their long-time opponents - the injured teenage girl Casey and the aging superhero David Dunn.
9-09-2018, 11:01
Lizzie (2018)
The creators of the crime drama "Lizzie" told the burning story of the terrible crime that occurred in the distant 1892. The events unfold in a huge manor belonging to a highly respected family. Members of the well-to-do dynasty led an idle life and did not know ills. They arranged dinner parties, communicated with friendly neighbors and enjoyed the wonderful August days.
8-09-2018, 13:08
Madeline's Madeline (2018)
Madeleine organizes her theatrical workshop and devotes her life to work. Mother worries about her, especially when she becomes part of a prestigious troupe. The ambitious theater director pushes the heroine to unite the history of her life and art. Surprisingly, the line between reality and the game is blurred. A young star takes his speech too seriously.
8-09-2018, 12:32
Papillon (2017)
The plot is dedicated to the history of the safe burglar, known as Motylok (Charlie Hannem), who falls on the French penal servitude on the Devil's Island, whose name speaks for itself. He thinks only of escape. Together with him, there is a large financial rascal Louis Degas (Rami Malek), who also joins his flight plan. They are caught, after which the heroes are awaited by
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