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2-10-2018, 21:44
The Rake (2018)
Surely, everyone understands that coping with the trauma of youth is very difficult, especially if it is directly related to the murder or other horrible incident. The events described take place in a small provincial town whose inhabitants are accustomed to a quiet lifestyle. In the center of the story - young people who recently began to live together. Not so long ago, they
1-10-2018, 22:45
Black Wake (2018)
A team of scientists accumulates in a top-secret experimental institute in order to investigate and determine the root cause of the deaths of people whose bodies were constantly being discovered on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. At that moment, as the police believe that the killings - the action of the hands of a serial maniac, the main character of the tape, Dr. Louise
1-10-2018, 22:32
Along Came the Devil (2018)
After a difficult childhood, Ashley seeks intimacy and unexpectedly attracts demonic power that makes her loved ones fight for her soul.
26-09-2018, 23:16
I'll Be Watching (2018)
When a secret admirer breaks into Kate's measured life, leaving roses under her door with drops of blood - she does not yet know what it is threatening her. Even the four policemen can not immediately figure it out, because he knows how to sweep the tracks.

2.0 (2018)

25-09-2018, 22:17
2.0 (2018)
Mankind has long tried to create a robot that would look like a human being. However, all these attempts failed miserably. It would seem that it is impossible to create a robot that would not only have a human appearance, but also real feelings, emotions, and also the mind. But in fact it was not quite so, because there was such a brilliant scientist who managed to realize
25-09-2018, 22:06
Killers Anonymous (2018)
Despite the fact that filming a new indie thriller "Anonymous Killers" is in full swing, casting into the project continued until recently. In the last car of the outgoing cast of actors, the inimitable Gary Oldman (Oscar for Best Actor in Dark Times) and the fascinating Jessica Alba (nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in the Dark Angel TV series) jumped, writes
25-09-2018, 22:02
The Grand Son (2018)
Judy is a former movie star, Tod and Lani are her grandchildren, they all live in a posh mansion. And everything was fine, until one day Tod did not accidentally shoot Judy. But in order to preserve the way of life that was before this terrible incident, Tod comes up with a cunning plan, the main role in which will play not only his sister.
25-09-2018, 21:52
What Still Remains (2018)
The lost young girl survives in a world engulfed by a deadly disease. When a lonely traveler offers her a place in her community, the heroine must choose between the possibility of a better life and the risk of trusting him.
25-09-2018, 21:45
The Guardian Angel (2018)
When the city was shaken by a series of robberies of large branches of banks, it became clear: this time for robberies there is a real professional. After all, gathering evidence and questioning eyewitnesses did not give a single clue to a policeman who took strange episodes into the development. While the investigator is trying to verify the emerged versions of events, the
24-09-2018, 19:07
My Husband's Secret Wife (2018)
In the thriller directed by Tamar Halpern, "My Husband's Secret Wife Online," the young wife will have to reveal far from innocuous secrets of her faithful. The lovely Avery (Helena Mattsson, "The Seven Psychopaths") is happy - she recently married the handsome Alex (Josh Kelly, "Unreal Bachelor"). Unfortunately, soon the woman finds out that the hubby already has another
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