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4-02-2019, 22:22
Hotel Mumbai (2018)
At the heart of the plot are real events that occurred in Mumbai. The plot focuses on the fate of ordinary people who find themselves in unexpected difficult conditions, when in Mumbai in 2008 there were a number of terrorist acts throughout the city. A group of radical extremists launched subversive activities in which ordinary people were the main victims and only through
22-01-2019, 10:37
Falsafa (2019)
Aman's parents have been murdered and he is on a quest to seek revenge. On the other hand, Isha's father is dead and she's convinced that it's a murder, and is searching for the murderer. Their quest intertwines their lives with each other.
22-01-2019, 09:24
Beneath the Leaves (2019)
Burning-eyed psychopath James Whitley kidnaps four boys from a small town and locks them in a tiny cell. Maniac is obsessed with the idea of reuniting orphaned children with their late parents. But after the two run away and get to civilization, Wheatley is arrested by the police. After 20 years in a prison in which they contain a maniac, a fire happens. And while special
21-01-2019, 16:43
Badla (2019)
Badla is an upcoming Hindi film directed by Sujoy Ghosh and starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu. The film is the remake of the 2016 Spanish thriller film Contratiempo. The film is produced by Red Chillies Entertainment in association with Azure Entertainment. It is slated to release on 8 March 2019.
17-01-2019, 10:04
The Dawn (2019)
Dawn online - a film that sometimes reality can be worse than any nightmarish dreams. In the center of the plot is a young girl who has recently experienced a serious tragedy. She had an older brother, to whom she treated with great love. For her, he was a very important person in life, because his death was a blow. He died under very strange and mysterious circumstances,
17-01-2019, 10:00
Sigai (2019)
A pimp in Chennai searches for one of his sex workers who has gone missing.
17-01-2019, 09:27
Cordelia (2019)
The thriller Cordelia by Adrian Shergold is about Cordelia, who lives with her twin sister Caroline and Caroline's new boyfriend Matt in a basement apartment in one of the less contemplative parts of London. Here Cordelia tries to deal with the two, a stalker and her neighbors, including a mysterious cellist and an eccentric old man.
16-01-2019, 16:12
The Golden Glove (2019)
Der Goldene Handschuh ist ein Horror-Thriller von Fatih Akin über den Frauenmörder Fritz Honka aus dem Hamburger Kiezmilieu der 1970er Jahre. Der Film basiert auf einem gleichnamigen Roman von Heinz Strunk und soll im Februar 2019 im Rahmen der Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin seine Premiere feiern, wo er im Hauptwettbewerb gezeigt wird. Ein Kinostart in Deutschland soll
15-01-2019, 09:58
Altar Rock (2019)
A thriller inspired by the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.
14-01-2019, 22:29
Villains (2019)
A young couple in love robbers Mickey and Julie enter a secluded house in the countryside. Its owners are secret sadists who hold a small captive in the basement. Cruel masters will go on everything, so long as their secret remains hidden behind the walls of the house.
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