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8-04-2019, 13:07
Joker (2019)
Who is the Joker and how did he become Batman's sworn enemy? The action of the solo film about the formation of the most famous villain of the universe DC is set in the fictional city of Gotham City in the mid-eighties. A group of robbers dressed in clown suits penetrates the card factory Ace Chemical. As a result of a police raid with the participation of the urban superhero
8-04-2019, 11:29
Annabelle Comes Home (2019)
Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warrens place the killer doll Annabel under the consecrated glass in the locked room of his house, where other artifacts with horrific stories are stored.  But all this only happens in the hands of Annabelle, who awakens evil spirits and plunges the house of Warren into the abyss of fear.
5-04-2019, 13:51
Ma (2019)
Psychological horror "Ma" tells about a lonely woman who gets acquainted with a group of teenagers and invites them to hang out at her home.  The children think that they are lucky, but they do not realize what their new mysterious girlfriend actually prepared for them.
5-04-2019, 11:47
John Wick: Chapter 3 (2019)
John Wick has become a true predator. Now he intends to start life from scratch and forever engage with the criminal world. Only it will be quite difficult to do this, and the hero of the film realizes that all criminal groups will unite against him. During his career, he had to perform a variety of tasks for criminal bosses. If he wants to live in peace, then initially he
5-04-2019, 09:36
Fast Color (2018)
A woman with unusual abilities is very interested in mysterious people with weapons and in costumes.  All her life she had escaped on the run, never staying in one place for a long time, but now she has to return to her home.
4-04-2019, 16:39
Triple Threat (2019)
Triple threat (2019) An international criminal group sends a team of professional killers to kill the billionaire’s daughter, who has decided to put an end to their criminal activities.  Save the girl will be three mercenaries, in the past - successful fighters.
3-04-2019, 16:00
The Wedding Guest (2018)
The protagonist is the mysterious loner Jay, who comes from Britain to Pakistan, where he kidnaps a young Muslim woman Samira. The girl is glad to be abducted, because she was threatened with marriage with an unloved person. Together, Jay and Samira travel through Pakistan and India, not having a definite goal for their path. “The Wedding Guest” - Michael Winterbottom's road
3-04-2019, 15:57
Stray (2019)
An orphaned teenager with a detective investigates the murder of her mother and reveals the supernatural power that turns out to be a threat to her entire family.
2-04-2019, 22:35
An Acceptable Loss (2018)
The Pages - She was offered to read courses at the university instead of a sick professor. Elizabeth is becoming a very mysterious person for new colleagues. She does not use the phone, closes herself from others and does not tell at all about herself. Lemm does not notice how he becomes the object of attention for the secretive student Martin, who keeps as far away as
4-02-2019, 22:22
Hotel Mumbai (2018)
At the heart of the plot are real events that occurred in Mumbai. The plot focuses on the fate of ordinary people who find themselves in unexpected difficult conditions, when in Mumbai in 2008 there were a number of terrorist acts throughout the city. A group of radical extremists launched subversive activities in which ordinary people were the main victims and only through
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