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5-02-2019, 12:17
The Beach Bum (2019)
THE BEACH BUM follows the hilarious misadventures of Moondog (Matthew McConaughey), a rebellious rogue who always lives life by his own rules. Co-starring Snoop Dog, Zac Efron, and Isla Fisher, THE BEACH BUM is a refreshingly original and subversive new comedy from director Harmony Korine (Kids, Spring Breakers).
5-02-2019, 12:09
Total Dhamaal (2019)
Total Dhamaal is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language adventure comedy film directed and co-produced by Indra Kumar. It is a reboot and the third installment of the Dhamaal film series. The film stars Ajay Devgn, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey, Madhuri Dixit, Esha Gupta and Anil Kapoor. The film is scheduled to be released on 22 February 2019.
4-02-2019, 22:19
Little (2019)
The main character, tired of the burden and burden of adult life, gets an amazing chance to return to her childhood and relive it.
4-02-2019, 22:14
The Hustle (2019)
A remake of the 1988 comedy “The Hustle”,  in which the two main professional parties bred rich in the new Hollywood tradition are women.
4-02-2019, 22:08
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)
Reese and Wernick do not want to reveal any potential Zombieland sequel plot points. They are not planning on an immediate sequel, due to being heavily involved with other writing projects. The original cast and director are all set to return and Fleischer is enthusiastic about the idea of doing the sequel in 3D. Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg confirmed in February 2010
23-01-2019, 15:48
Rotterdam, I Love You (2019)
Several love stories set in one of the most interesting new cities in the world, Rotterdam. This movie is made in 2019.
23-01-2019, 15:12
Satanic Panic (2019)
A girl who delivers pizza at the end of her finances must fight for her life — and her advice — when her last night order turns out to be Satanists in higher societies in need of a virgin victim.
22-01-2019, 10:08
Bajo el mismo techo (2019)
In the heyday of the real estate bubble, Nadia and Adrian bought the house of their dreams.Some time later, when their daughter becomes independent, they decide to separate. They are surprised to find that their home is only worth half of what they paid for it - because of the crisis.
21-01-2019, 16:32
Manou the Swift (2019)
The small swift manu, brought up by the family of gulls, always considered himself one of them, but, of course, at some point he realized that it was not. Shocked, he leaves home, meets other swifts and finds out who he really is, that he doesn’t like his native pack. However, when gulls and swifts are confronted with a danger that threatens them all, Manu saves them precisely
16-01-2019, 16:36
Why Cheat India (2019)
The official first teaser poster was released on 28 August, 2018. The official second teaser poster was released on 12 November 2018. A short official teaser of the film was released on 16 November 2018. The official trailer of film was realesed on 12 December 2018. In January 2019, the film's title was altered due to a last-minute objection from the Central Board of Film
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