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Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018) The adventures of the protagonist continue. His appearance is capable of instilling his own powerlessness to his enemies, but in fact he broke the video game - a kind and charming fellow. In the past, he devoted his life to ungrateful and insignificant acts, until one day he realized that he dreams of becoming a hero. It will not be a single and insignificant victory, but a loud fame, glory, universal recognition. He will no longer crush houses, but he will not be like a poor fellow Felix. The latter for a long time constantly rebuilds the buildings destroyed by Ralph, for which he receives numerous awards. Felix, like a villainous villain, again got nothing, then, as he desperately dreams of honors and rewards. The time has come when he will prove to everyone that he can be kind and sympathetic, able to help, but it will not be for the sake of medals, but just like that - as superfluous proof that he can be kind, fair. That's just whether such behavior will help to change the opinion of people about him, as a person? Does he want universal recognition and love?
This time Ralph has to go on a dangerous journey through the virtual world. The viruses finally disengaged and kept in fear the entire world wide web. Enough little impact, and most of the newly created is destroyed and often not recoverable. The viruses felt boundless masters over people, but soon the charming bull-calf Ralph would prove otherwise. Will he be able to instill in the wreckers all the insignificance of their attempts to enslave the world? There is only one thing to do, but to cure yourself of the symptoms of stellar illness. So simple, it turned out, to succumb to the general influence and already have nothing to notice around, except for its own fame and popularity. Thinking about creating his own game, he does not notice that he chooses his companions as an enemy - Lord Candy, formerly known as King Caramel. What was the villain planning this time? Is it really he who will provide the bogeyman possible assistance in the fight against viruses?

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