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The Cage Fighter (2017)

The Cage Fighter (2017) At the very beginning of watching the movie "The Cage Fighter" we find ourselves in the parking lot near the sports hall, where sometimes Joe Karman, the main character, whose life is developing not in the best way, sometimes earns extra money. He is desperately training, trying to come to the right shape. Every day, Jo drags a huge tire from the tractor, increasing his endurance. Communicating with young athletes, he constantly regrets that he is not twenty years old, because then he was a huge success.

The main character wants to continue his sports career as a fighter in a cage. He dreams of a league of semi-professionals in mixed martial arts. But now he is forty, behind his shoulders two marriages, and every day he has to work in the boiler room to support his daughters. Joe lives to fight. Personal and age problems for him are not the most important difficulties. With this he can cope. The central problem in this case is the fact that he promised his family members never to return to the world where they fight without any rules. He has to make a difficult choice.

We recommend watching the movie "The Cage Fighter" online on the site to find out what decision the main character will take and what it will lead to.


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The Cage Fighter (2017)

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The Cage Fighter (2017)

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