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8-04-2019, 13:07
Joker (2019)
Who is the Joker and how did he become Batman's sworn enemy? The action of the solo film about the formation of the most famous villain of the universe DC is set in the fictional city of Gotham City in the mid-eighties. A group of robbers dressed in clown suits penetrates the card factory Ace Chemical. As a result of a police raid with the participation of the urban superhero
8-04-2019, 11:15
Shaft (2019)
John Shaft Jr. - an expert on cyber security, forced to seek help from his father to try to unravel the secret of the sudden death of a friend.
5-04-2019, 11:47
John Wick: Chapter 3 (2019)
John Wick has become a true predator. Now he intends to start life from scratch and forever engage with the criminal world. Only it will be quite difficult to do this, and the hero of the film realizes that all criminal groups will unite against him. During his career, he had to perform a variety of tasks for criminal bosses. If he wants to live in peace, then initially he
5-04-2019, 09:39
High on the Hog (2017)
Sinopsis film high on the hog bercerita tentang seorang petani yang dikenal dengan nama big daddy. Dengan hasil pertaniannya yang melimpah, big daddy dikenal sebagai petani penghasil mariyuana terbaik yang ada di amerika utara. Dan sebagai imbasnya adalah peredaran obat-obatan terlarang semakin berkembang pesat. Namun hal tersebut bukan menjadi masalah bagi big daddy selama
4-04-2019, 17:23
Little Woods (2018)
Modern Western tells the story of two sisters, Ollie and Deb.  Ollie is forced to go against the law in order to earn a living and to help those in need of treatment and illegal medicines - until the authorities find out about this.  Desperate sister's request to help her draws the girl into even greater problems.
4-04-2019, 16:12
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (2019)
Nancy Drew loves riddles and knows how to solve them - observation and an extraordinary mindset make a high school student a real detective.  One day, Nancy's girlfriend tells her about strange things happening in her aunt Rosemary's house — music sounds at night, bumps and strange noises are heard, and ominous shadows creep along the walls.  Do ghosts live in the house?
4-04-2019, 16:08
Yardie (2018)
The main character, originally from Jamaica, is not at all able to come to terms with the death of his elder brother, who was killed 10 years ago.  He rolls to London, where he meets with his former girlfriend and for the first time meets his daughter.  When the hero intends to start a new life, ending an unclean business, fate confronts him with his brother’s murderer, and
3-04-2019, 15:57
Stray (2019)
An orphaned teenager with a detective investigates the murder of her mother and reveals the supernatural power that turns out to be a threat to her entire family.
5-02-2019, 12:13
Chokehold (2019)
A young woman's story of redemption revenge and reconciliation in the gritty world of underground No Holds Barred MMA Fighting. After her Father's (Casper Van Dien Starship Troopers) murder Zoey abandons her training in Las Vegas with Uncle Ray (Kip Pardue Ray Donovan) to return home. However, her homecoming is far from joyful. She finds herself salvaging the family gym while
5-02-2019, 12:11
Ruben Brandt, Collector (2018)
The psychotherapist Ruben Brandt skillfully treats dangerous criminals, but cannot cure himself of his own nightmares. He comes up with the idea of stealing from the most famous museums of the world 13 artistic masterpieces - in this way he thinks to get rid of nightmares. Brandt gathers a team of four of his patients, professional thieves, and goes on a trip through museums -
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