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30-11-2018, 14:36
Malevolent (2018)
Mrs. Green bluntly informs Jackson that they've failed and she believes them to be scam artists. Jackson starts seeing things himself, and finally decides to abandon the job after Mrs. Green hints she was involved in the girls' murder. Attempting to flee the house, they find Beth, the technician and Jackson's girlfriend, has gone missing. Jackson eventually finds Beth
30-11-2018, 12:52
Chang-gwol (2018)
The ancient Korean state of Joseon is being attacked by zombies. Local prince Lee Chong returns to his homeland after spending ten years in captivity in the Qing dynasty. He meets with his elder brother, who gains the throne, and with a horde of creepy monsters who hunt people at night.
30-11-2018, 12:37
Brokedown (2018)
The protagonist is a rock musician popular earlier in his midst. Not so long ago, an acquaintance with one of his ardent fans ended for him an engagement. Young people had a small accident on the way to their parental home and are now trying to get help in a provincial town whose residents are very aggressive towards aliens. He was a rock star in his time. The peak of his
29-11-2018, 14:31
House of Demons (2018)
Four alienated friends meet for the first time in a long time and spend the night in a remote country house. The night is becoming deeper, and the strange rituals of the old house clearly show the connection between the past, the present and the subconscious, forcing all the characters to resist the most terrible secrets and the darkest demons.
29-11-2018, 14:07
Joel (2018)
The plot is based on documentary data from the life of the most terrible New York maniac of the late twentieth century. This is certainly about Joel Rifkin. He kept the entire city at bay for years. His victims were exclusively "moths", ordinary prostitutes. On account of a maniac only according to official data, seventeen girls of easy virtue. It is not thoroughly known what
28-11-2018, 21:09
Better Off Zed (2018)
Suddenly, a terrible tragedy occurred on earth, leading to irreversible processes. As a result of the changes in the earth's crust, zombies began to roam around the earth, they were not averse to having dinner with human flesh. Seeing the next victim, they pounce on her and fearlessly kill, performing their ritual. The couple, who was at the epicenter of the events, was forced
28-11-2018, 20:46
Dark, Deadly & Dreadful (2018)
Fun Size Horror Presents "Dark, Deadly & Dreadful", an anthology of short films from Fun Size Horror's community of filmmakers. Each film explores different themes in the horror genre all from the unique perspective of its creator. Featuring work from a diverse group of filmmakers, shorts include submissions to Fun Size Horror, world premiers, and festival winners. On
27-11-2018, 21:15
Perfect Skin (2018)
Katia Matuschak, 18, a Romanian ex au pair is now adrift in London. She befriends Bob Reid, a seemingly friendly tattoo artist but Bob is not who he seems to be. His life is spiralling out of control and in his final attempt to fulfil his dream he kidnaps her, intending her to be his muse for his lasting work of art. Her body will be his canvas.
27-11-2018, 00:30
Astral (2018)
The main character of the fourth part of the tape about "Astral" has been living with supernormal abilities for many years. And the time came when Alice realized that she was a medium. She can talk to ghosts from the world of the dead. The heroine of the picture did not want to hide her abilities from human eyes. She began to help people, but many simply do not want to believe
27-11-2018, 00:24
Thriller (2018)
Years after a childhood prank goes horribly wrong, a clique of South Central LA teens find themselves terrorized during Homecoming weekend by a killer hell-bent on revenge.
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