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Yesterday, 20:39
Escape Room (2019)
A simple quest, the task of which is to get out of the house, turns into a dangerous paranormal experience, and the father and daughter have to escape from the evil spirit.
15-12-2018, 19:19
Jonathan (2018)
A young man finds out that his dying father was once deeply in love with another man ...
12-12-2018, 15:45
High Voltage (2018)
Old musician Jimmy gathers a group of young and talented guys. But a problem arises: the soloist is too shy to perform in front of a large audience. One lightning strike solves the question: Rachel is becoming a fatal beauty and detached, but now the group will face new, much more serious problems.
29-11-2018, 14:44
Astro (2018)
Events unfold in the near future. The plot of "Astro" is twisted around a science fiction experiment in space exploration. In the future, many tools and options will be provided for such studies. One billionaire leads his own space exploration expedition. Once he brings from the intergalactic space an intelligent creature from a previously unexplored planet. Now scientists
29-11-2018, 14:31
House of Demons (2018)
Four alienated friends meet for the first time in a long time and spend the night in a remote country house. The night is becoming deeper, and the strange rituals of the old house clearly show the connection between the past, the present and the subconscious, forcing all the characters to resist the most terrible secrets and the darkest demons.
27-11-2018, 21:18
Caller ID: Entity (2018)
A sci-fi conspiracy thriller, based on real phone messages and testimonials from victims of mind control technology.
27-11-2018, 00:30
Astral (2018)
The main character of the fourth part of the tape about "Astral" has been living with supernormal abilities for many years. And the time came when Alice realized that she was a medium. She can talk to ghosts from the world of the dead. The heroine of the picture did not want to hide her abilities from human eyes. She began to help people, but many simply do not want to believe
18-11-2018, 20:57
Another Time (2018)
Young successful careerist Eric meets a dream girl, a beautiful and kind Julia, who proves to him that happiness is not in money. The main problem is that she has a fiance. Eric finds a way to go back in time and win Julia’s heart before anyone else does.
18-11-2018, 20:43
Encounter (2018)
Outstanding director Chris Norton is a real ass of his job. He works in the genre of documentary films, because of this, he is well versed in fictional scenarios and realistic events. Only his main task, he considers the exposure of those people who claim their abduction by aliens. He considers them liars because he does not believe in the existence of alien beings. Once his
14-11-2018, 23:13
Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018)
People have always dreamed of meeting representatives of another intelligent life. The film "Atlantic Frontier 2" shows why there are dreams that are better not to come true. Especially when alien guests come from where they were not expected. Instead of flying from space, they appear from a fault formed in the ocean depth and turn out to be real monsters. And although people
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