Artemis Fowl (2019)
Artemis is the ambitious heir to the legendary criminal clan. The guy is only 12 years old, but he already shows ingenious abilities. But, like all geniuses, a certain eccentricity is inherent in him: Artemis is convinced that pixies, elves, goblins and other magical creatures are not at all fiction. Moreover, the hereditary wunderkind believes that it is the elves who are
The New Mutants (2019)
Five young mutants against their will are kept on a secret object. Here they discover their superpowers and begin to struggle with the sins of the past for the sake of their salvation.
The War of the Worlds (2021)
Zone 414 (2021)
Set in the near future in a colony of state-of-the-art humanoid robots. When its creator's daughter goes missing, he hires private investigator David Carmichael, to bring her home. David teams up with Jane, a highly advanced and self-aware A.I., to track down the missing daughter. Moving through the dangerous iron jungle, they rapidly piece together the mystery, uncovering a
The Soul (2021)
The founder of a corporation developing a futuristic cancer treatment is brutally murdered, and a prosecutor sidelined by the illness asks to lead the case, assisted by his newly pregnant detective wife.
First Signal (2021)
When Air Force Space Command receives a signal from an alien satellite in Earth orbit an emergency meeting with the President reveals a government conspiracy.
Station Eleven (2021)
Survivors of a devastating flu pandemic try to rebuild their lives after losing everything.
Lockdown 2025 (2021 )
In the shadows of a highly contagious virus, a normal family seeks shelter in the safety of their own home during a nationwide LOCKDOWN in which MARTIAL LAW is declared. With nowhere to go and danger approaching from outside. The family is forced to confront the evil that terrorizes them from within before it consumes them all.
The Stairs (2021)
What started as a week-long adventure with friends quickly turns into a terrifying fight for survival in The Stairs. in 1997, a young boy is out hunting with his grandfather (Schneider), when he stumbles upon a mysterious staircase deep in the forest. The subsequent disappearance leaves locals baffled as to the fate of the wayward pair. Twenty years later, a group of hikers
Doors (2021)
Without warning, millions of mysterious alien "doors" suddenly appear around the globe. In a rush to determine the reason for their arrival, mankind must work together to understand the purpose of these cosmic anomalies. Bizarre incidences occurring around the sentient doors leads humanity to question their own existence and an altered reality as they attempt to enter them.
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