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Yesterday, 21:08
Isn't It Romantic (2019)
Natalie is a young, cynical girl who has long been disillusioned with her boyfriends; she is tired of running into the same rake. She did not deserve this, her fate is a successful young man, but she has not met such people yet. Now she decided for herself that she had to give up her personal life for a long time, and maybe forever. In return for a relationship, Natalie
Yesterday, 21:00
Under the Eiffel Tower (2018)
We meet a man named Stewart. His mood is depressed as he is experiencing a midlife crisis. Having lost his job, having spent the family holiday of his good friends in Paris, he humiliated himself by offering himself their 24-year-old daughter. He and Liam, the self-proclaimed ladies' man, set out for the French countryside. There they will meet with Louise (Judith Godres), the
16-12-2018, 23:43
The Wedding (2018)
The film had a secret work-in-progress screening in Egypt August, 2018. It is due for a theatrical screening across the Middle East and the U.S. in November 2018.
16-12-2018, 23:40
If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)
A woman from Harlem is desperately fighting to prove the innocence of her fiancé, who is accused of a crime, while she has their first little child in her arms.
16-12-2018, 23:34
The Charmer (2017)
"The Charmer" is an intense psychological drama about Esmail, a young Iranian man who is desperately looking to meet women who can secure his stay in Denmark. As time is running out he falls in love and his past catches up with him.
12-12-2018, 16:06
The Brawler (2019)
In New Orleans, the Fontaine family name echoes the streets within both the traditional boxing community and the illegal underground fight world. Charlie Fontaine's unflinching loyalty turns out to be both his greatest strength and his Achilles heel, while Bobby Fontaine's ambitions and shenanigans, driven by a dangerous amount of ego, turn destructive. Charlie suffers a
30-11-2018, 14:42
Shéhérazade (2018)
Zachary, 17, is released from prison. Rejected by his mother, he drags in the neighborhoods of Marseille. This is where he meets Scheherazade ...
30-11-2018, 12:45
The Souvenir (2019)
The main character “The Souvenir”, young, purposeful, full of internal forces, unspent energy, the hero, being a student at a prestigious university, did not assume, even when entering, that in this institution he would meet a rather extraordinary person to whom unprecedented feelings. This incredibly versatile person, extraordinary in mindset, will be for the whole life the
29-11-2018, 14:37
Koi wa ameagari no yô ni (2018)
Once Akira Tatibana was seriously engaged in athletics, but was forced to leave the sport because of injury. Now the life of a high school student revolves around a school and a part-time waitress in a restaurant. She also has a secret: she is in love with a restaurant manager, a divorced 45-year-old man who has a son.
28-11-2018, 21:20
Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018)
One day the duo get stuck in an elevator and end up kissing instinctively. Sindhu brings Sree home and they have sex after which Sree confesses his love for Sindhu. To his shock, she rejects him saying that they are only good friends and insists that she does not love him. She refers to their sex as a casual indulgence whereupon Sree leaves her house in complete disgust.
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