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2-10-2018, 21:32
The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead (2018)
According to the plot of the film, a young man named Roman quarrels with his bride and goes to relax with friends in the countryside. At night on the forest lake, he meets a beautiful mermaid, who kisses him and thus imposes magical spells on him. Every day, Roman is getting worse and worse, and now his bride will have to enter into an unequal fight with the mermaid, which
28-09-2018, 22:30
Tell It to the Bees (2018)
The film takes place in the English province of the 1950s. Lydia is a single mother who barely recovered after the collapse of her marriage. Dr. Gene Markham recently returned home to learn from her late father’s medical practice. Romance suddenly breaks out between two women.
26-09-2018, 23:16
I'll Be Watching (2018)
When a secret admirer breaks into Kate's measured life, leaving roses under her door with drops of blood - she does not yet know what it is threatening her. Even the four policemen can not immediately figure it out, because he knows how to sweep the tracks.
25-09-2018, 21:48
Hou lai de wo men (2018)
In 2007, a guy and a girl met on the train on their way home to celebrate the New Year. Despite the fact that the young people had a lot in common, their ways all the same dispersed. When, in 12 years, fate will bring the former lovers back, both must overestimate the importance of each other in their own lives.
24-09-2018, 19:03
Eva (2018)
Promising writer Bertrand is working hard on a new work. Advance for the play has long been received, and the customer requires to provide him with the result of the work, but capricious inspiration refuses to visit the young playwright. Suddenly, he meets an elderly prostitute named Eve. Their long acquaintance left Bertrand with pleasant impressions, and he offers to resume
8-09-2018, 13:16
The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)
In 1993, a girl named Cameron Post is accused of having sexual relations with the prom queen, after which her conservative uncle and aunt take her to compulsory treatment at a homosexual correction clinic.
5-09-2018, 23:30
Paper Year (2018)
A couple of newlyweds Dan and Frannie are in an unfamiliar atmosphere, strikingly different from the ideas of cohabitation. Behind the passionate love, romantic dates, a noisy wedding celebration, a honeymoon. Begin severe family everyday life, literally full of everyday concerns and everyday troubles. Frannie and Dan get out of the usual bachelor atmosphere under the icy
4-09-2018, 18:58
A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. (2018)
The story follows a Los Angeles club promoter named Cass (Hardwick), who on the night of the 2016 Presidential Election meets a woman named Free (Good) who challenges him to revisit his broken dreams. This happens during a series of unfortunate events during the time that Trump is surging ahead of Hilary Clinton.
28-08-2018, 21:27
Be with You (2018)
See the Korean dorama "Be with you 2018" online with Russian voice acting and you will see the story of a man named Wu Jin (Soo Ji Sop). He lives with his son alone - his wife Su A (Son Ye Jin) died. Before her death, Su A made a book for her son, in which she wrote that she would return when it rained. The child believes and waits ... And then one of the rainy days during the
28-08-2018, 21:04
Gajinikanth (2018)
Violent political events take place in Mumbai, as a result of which, some officials intend to take to their hands all the local land on which civilians live. The buyers are hoping to drive citizens out of their slums and build entertainment complexes for tourists and their own enrichment in these territories. The idea of politicians to change the life and state of affairs in
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