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4-02-2019, 22:12
A Dog's Journey (2019)
The continuation of the story told in the film "A Dog's Journey" of 2017, about friendship, love and incredible devotion.
17-01-2019, 14:33
Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers (2019)
After the death of her father, the three sisters Charly (Laura Berlin), Lou (Leia Holtwick) and Emmie (Ella Päffgen) have to manage the famous Immenhof all by themselves. Especially the 16-year-old Lou suffers from the loss. Just like her father, who was a horse trainer, Lou feels particularly attached to horses. Lou could never cope with losing the Immenhof, while Charly, 23,

Abe (2019)

16-01-2019, 16:08
Abe (2019)
The hero of the short-length motion picture of Rob McLellan with the short name “Abe” is a robot - the most advanced machine. The actions of the narrative unfold in the future, when artificial intelligence manages to take a step far forward. Among this highly intellectual world there is one android programmed by its developers for love. The bot has turned out so humanized that
16-01-2019, 12:44
Summertime Dropouts (2019)
Elena understood that she had the power to destroy these werewolves that had harmed peaceful people, and she did. Now every day of her life was sent to hunt for werewolves, but for a long time the girl did not have enough. Elena understood that she still lacked something and decided once and for all to completely end the life of a woman who turns into a werewolf. She left her
10-01-2019, 10:56
Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin (2019)
The Princess of the Golden Dolphins Nye, on the instructions of her father, the king, is sent to eight remote corners of the world where her relatives live. She has to combine different types of dolphins to counter the general threat of extinction and protect the oceans from disaster.
10-01-2019, 10:51
Storm Boy (2019)
Storm Boy is an upcoming film based on the novella by Colin Thiele of the same name. The adaption is directed by Shawn Seet and stars Geoffrey Rush and Jai Courtney.[3] It will be the second film based on Thiele's novel.
9-01-2019, 12:30
Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (2019)
The story will focus on Shaun and the flock, as they encounter a cute alien with extraordinary powers, who crash lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, and would soon have to find a way to return her home in order to prevent an alien invasion called Farmageddon. Richard Starzak, the co director of the first film, returns as director with Richard Phelan and Will Becher as co directors.
4-01-2019, 11:42
The Addams Family (2019)
The full-length cartoon tells about the extraordinary and rather disgusting little Adams, where all members of the family were strange. And their closest neighbors avoided and disliked them.
2-01-2019, 16:09
Louis & Luca - Mission to the Moon (2018)
The Solan and the Ludvig trilogy conclude with a spectacular moon voyage that takes the Fläklypa universe to new heights. A new international moon race is underway. The Norwegian contribution is led by the brilliant inventor Reodor Felgen, with Solan and Ludvig as brave astronauts. What can really go wrong? Pretty much, actually. With secret passengers and hidden agendas,
2-01-2019, 15:40
Cinderella and Secret Prince (2018)
During the Royal Ball, Cinderella and her mouse comrades reveal a secret that can shake the world: the real prince has become an evil witch, and the “Prince” from the Royal Ball is in fact a fraud. Now Cinderella and her friends are going to start a new adventure to save the real Prince and help him defeat the evil power.
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