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2-10-2018, 21:57
Sobibor (2018)
Events unfold in the midst of World War II, in October 1943. Around Sobibor, the Nazi camp somewhere in the Ljubljana Voivodeship, and the main plot will be curled. The fascists did not hide their hostility towards the Jewish people. They destroyed them with their entire families, they did not even spare women and children. And so, in one of the Polish villages, the German
13-09-2018, 22:52
A Private War (2018)
The film tells about the life of the famous journalist Mary Colvin, who covered events from the hottest and dangerous points of the planet.
12-09-2018, 20:05
Indivisible (2018)
INDIVISIBLE is based on the extraordinary true story of the army chaplain, Darren Turner and his wife Heather. With a strong, faithful, they are ready to follow their vocation: to serve God, the family and the country. Fresh from the seminary and basic training, Chaplain Turner and his relatives arrive in Fort Stewart. Even before the Turners can even unpack their new home,
19-08-2018, 20:26
The Resistance Banker (2018)
Als bankier Walraven van Hall in de Tweede Wereldoorlog wordt gevraagd of hij zijn financiële contacten voor het verzet wil inzetten, aarzelt hij niet lang. Samen met zijn broer, Gijs van Hall, bedenkt hij een riskante constructie om grote leningen af te sluiten waarmee het verzet gefinancierd kan worden. Als ook dat niet genoeg is bedenken de broers de grootste bankfraude uit
19-08-2018, 13:02
Unbreakable Spirit (2018)
Set in 1943 during the World War II, the story revolves around the Japanese bombing of Chongqing, which started in 1938.
6-08-2018, 21:39
Hürkus (2018)
The film by Veciha Hürkus tells the story of the first Turkish pilot, who is "part-time" also the first aviator of Turkey, who created his own aircraft, and even later the "Winged Alliance". Even when he was not a pilot, Wedjhi went to the Balkan war as a volunteer. After that, Hyrkush fought in the First World War and in the War of Independence. In 1917, on the Caucasian
24-07-2018, 21:02
Thousand Yard Stare (2018)
A young man who has gone through all the horrors of World War II and remains unscathed, finally returns home, to his homeland. Despite the fact that the body of the guy remained unscathed throughout all military operations, his mind and mind were badly damaged as a result of the war. Now, returning from the front, he will have to overcome himself, his own horror fears, to
30-06-2018, 10:41
Padmaavat (2018)
The main thing in the plot: The events of the painting take place in very far times in India. At the beginning of the fourteenth century, this country is ruled by a very strong Sultan Alauddin. He conquers more and more territories, and literally half of India goes under them. Once, someone expelled from Chittorgarha tells this sultan what will forever settle in his head. This
29-06-2018, 19:24
The Catcher Was a Spy (2018)
The action of the adventure thriller "The Catcher Was a Spy" begins to unfold in the midst of the fierce battles of World War II. In the center of the story is Mo Berg, a true intellectual and polyglot, who became one of the best graduates of an influential school in which he proved himself not only as a genius, but also as an athlete passionate about baseball. He had serious
24-06-2018, 10:34
The Last Full Measure (2018)
Based on the true story of this mystification, "The Last Full Measure" follows a young Pentagon investigator Scott Huffman (Stan), he fights with the Washington political car. He unconditionally commanded veterans of the "Abilene" operation to persuade Congress to award the Medal of Honor to courageous physician William Pitsenbargeru Air Force, who saw more than saving the
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