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Yesterday, 21:08
Isn't It Romantic (2019)
Natalie is a young, cynical girl who has long been disillusioned with her boyfriends; she is tired of running into the same rake. She did not deserve this, her fate is a successful young man, but she has not met such people yet. Now she decided for herself that she had to give up her personal life for a long time, and maybe forever. In return for a relationship, Natalie
Yesterday, 20:50
The Kid Who Would Be King (2019)
The plot of the film tells about a simple schoolboy named Alex, who finds the sword of King Arthur, and now he will have to fight the evil in the face of Morgana.
16-12-2018, 11:00
Sicilian Ghost Story (2017)
Events unfold in a small Sicilian village in southwestern Italy. In this village live the most peaceful people in the world. They will always come to the rescue and will never give up on anyone. There have been no incidents for a long time, and a peaceful life has even become a bit annoying. But this story has its pitfalls. It turns out once lost a thirteen year old boy named
29-11-2018, 14:31
House of Demons (2018)
Four alienated friends meet for the first time in a long time and spend the night in a remote country house. The night is becoming deeper, and the strange rituals of the old house clearly show the connection between the past, the present and the subconscious, forcing all the characters to resist the most terrible secrets and the darkest demons.
6-11-2018, 09:31
I Still See You (2018)
An unknown anomaly erased the boundaries between the world of the dead and the living. The ghosts of the victims began to return to the homes and lives of loved ones, and also suddenly disappear. The main character Veronica decided to look into the underworld to solve the mystery of the remnants. But here her way was blocked by a maniac killer from the past.
22-09-2018, 10:36
Toy Story 4 (2019)
The children's room of Andy Davis is a real universe, in which every day there are great discoveries, dangerous journeys and heroic battles. All this thanks to toys that in the absence of the owner live their own lives. On the next birthday boy gets another favorite - astronaut Buzz. Enmity between the pets Andy quickly grows into a strong friendship, but there comes a
22-09-2018, 10:32
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)
The crypto-zoological office again acts as experts to prevent the threat of human civilization. Employees of the corporation "Monarch" explore unique specimens of mystical representatives of the animal world. The brave team of researchers tries to isolate and limit rare creatures from external influences and penetration into the human habitat. But the individuals, resurrected
22-09-2018, 10:25
UglyDolls (2019)
Legendary stuffed animals are now on the big screen! In the center of the plot of the animated comedy are the inhabitants of the amazing country of UglyDolls. All of them are soft dolls with their hobbies, character and history. Similar to the hare, the green baby Moxi is an energetic and crazy party girl. She has a lot of loyal and cheerful friends, because she is always the
22-09-2018, 10:23
Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (2019)
Cartoon "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu" became a natural continuation of the franchise development. It was planned to shoot it for many years, it was necessary to wait for the opportunity to watch a full-length film. The central character in it was Detective Pikachu, who helps a kid named Tim to track down the missing father. It is voiced by Ryan Reynolds. Other characters were
20-09-2018, 21:22
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle (2019)
One physicist suddenly discovers his ability to speak with animals ...
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