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2-10-2018, 21:55
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)
Keeping a low profile after being defeated by Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi is in trouble after it has fought a powerful foreigner.
2-10-2018, 21:50
The Marine 6: Close Quarters (2018)
Production begins today in London on The Marine 6: Close Quarters, the latest installment of WWE's iconic action film series. Going a fourth round will be Mike "The Miz" Mizanin as former Marine Jake Carter. This time, he will be getting some help from WWE legend Shawn Michaels, who will play another former Marine, Luke Trapper, as they set out to rescue a girl kidnapped by a
1-10-2018, 22:43
I Am Vengeance (2018)
When a former soldier, now a mercenary, John Gold, learns about the death of a best friend, he tries to find out what happened. As a result, he finds out that the murder was part of a large conspiracy, and he will have to remove the guilty one after another.
1-10-2018, 22:40
Lake Placid: Legacy (2018)
The group of extreme lovers goes to the lake, in the middle of which there is a remote island with a steep mountain summit. Guys love exciting adventures, and believe that this trip will also succeed. Arriving at the destination, the guys notice an abandoned laboratory, which is surrounded by barbed wire. Surprisingly, the building is not on any cards. Travelers enter the room
1-10-2018, 22:37
Abduction (2018)
26-09-2018, 23:19
Bhavesh Joshi Superhero (2018)
A young man decides to avenge the death of his closest friend, and discovers that he's destined for something much bigger....

2.0 (2018)

25-09-2018, 22:17
2.0 (2018)
Mankind has long tried to create a robot that would look like a human being. However, all these attempts failed miserably. It would seem that it is impossible to create a robot that would not only have a human appearance, but also real feelings, emotions, and also the mind. But in fact it was not quite so, because there was such a brilliant scientist who managed to realize
25-09-2018, 22:06
Killers Anonymous (2018)
Despite the fact that filming a new indie thriller "Anonymous Killers" is in full swing, casting into the project continued until recently. In the last car of the outgoing cast of actors, the inimitable Gary Oldman (Oscar for Best Actor in Dark Times) and the fascinating Jessica Alba (nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in the Dark Angel TV series) jumped, writes
24-09-2018, 18:59
Believer (2018)
After the number of suicides among teenagers in Utah unexpectedly jumps, Don Reynolds, the head of the Mormon church, begins a policy of alleviating intolerance towards the LGBT community, so that the younger generation knows that there are people ready to help them.
24-09-2018, 18:30
Enter The Fat Dragon (2018)
The complex is not important - it is important to imbue with the invincible spirit of the Dragon, train hard and overcome fear! However, no worse than Hun failed and purely comedic episodes, including the line with the criminal big boss, turned into a complete misogynist after he rejected the girl. If Chinese and generally Asian humor does not cause rejection as such, pleasure
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