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Souvenir (2016)

Souvenir (2016) The events of the melodramatic film "Souvenir" begin to develop with an acquaintance with the beautiful, but not young Lillian. She works at a meat processing plant and produces pate. Work has long been causing her only dislike. But because of the need to earn and the lack of normal work, Lillian is forced to do what she does not like. Soon it turns out that once the main character was a famous singer, which everyone in the district knew about. She regularly performed, had her devoted fans and enjoyed life. But then something happened and now she has not been singing for more than thirty years. Lillian lives alone in her apartment full of memories from the past. She regularly nostalgia for days when she was a rising star and was preparing to conquer a musical Olympus.

Everything changes after the main character meets a young and very enthusiastic boxer. He is 22, he continues to live with his parents and is distinguished by naive glances. But it is because of his naivety that he tries to show Lillian that she needs to return to the stage.

To fans of melodramas about finding ourselves we recommend the film "Souvenir", which you can watch online on the site now.


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Souvenir (2016)

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Souvenir (2016)

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