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Django (2017) The authors of the biographic film "Django" offer their viewers to immerse themselves in the life story of one of the most famous French jazz guitarists. The narrative begins with the birth of a future star in the family of furniture manufacturers, whose true passion has always been music. It was his parents who instilled in him a love of creativity.

By the age of nine, Reinhardt mastered the banjo perfectly and was keen on carving wood. It is at that moment that he learns to earn his bread by virtuoso playing, hoping to connect his life with music. Everything changes at the moment when he turns eighteen. Some time after the birthday he is in the very center of a powerful fire. Due to the tragedy, Django loses several fingers and is confined to bed. Despite this, he manages to find the strength in himself to again take the musical instrument in his hands and continue the game. Contrary to the expectations of the crowd, he manages to overcome the mutilation, while simultaneously developing a unique technique for the game.

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