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Godard Mon Amour (2017) Authors of the biopic "Young Godard" suggest us to immerse ourselves in the amazing and truthful love story of two completely different people, who witnessed serious social changes. In the center of the story is Jean-Luc Godard, a famous master of cinema, a recognized genius, famous not only in his country, but also abroad. His films are watched by millions, and he himself is a star of national scale.

Who would have thought that such a man would fall in love with a simple seventeen-year-old actress. Between Godard and Anna Vyazemsky passion flares up, and a mutual feeling tears them from the whole world. Many of their relationships seem strange, unusual and unusual. But they sincerely love each other. Together they can enjoy life. They trust each other and want to be together.

See the biographical film "Young Godard" on the site online and you can dive not only in the amazing love story of two completely different people, but you can also see the evolution of one of the most extraordinary cinematographers. And all this against the background of serious social upheavals and changes.

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