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Birthmarked (2018)

Birthmarked (2018) Brilliant scientists are always a little from the surrounding worlds that are off, completely into sublime plunging meditations over all sorts of issues that interest them so much that everything else becomes insignificant and unimportant. They seem to belong to another reality, which is inaccessible for ordinary ordinary people, who have simple needs.

Geniuses always strive to know the very depths of the laws of nature, unceremoniously interfering in centuries-old processes, proving their own, sometimes contrived ideas. With the desire to prove to the whole world that they are right, they sometimes reach absolute insanity, ceasing to notice the line between the generally accepted norms of what is permitted, with opinion and feelings, even without close relatives. Science for such individuals stands above any human values.

Two genetic scientists, who are also a married couple, are engaged in the experimental education of three children. The purpose of research on blood offspring is to prove the theory of the powerlessness of natural data over certain educational methods built in a certain way. Strange parents-scientists are trying in this way to build the development process of each child, so that the formation of all kinds of skills is counterposed to the existing genetic characteristics and innate propensities of peculiar experimental subjects.


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Birthmarked (2018)

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Birthmarked (2018)

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