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Boy Erased (2018) The nineteen-year-old boy is going through a difficult period of life. A young, fragile soul is constantly tormented by strong psycho-emotional experiences that go far beyond the usual, established boundaries of everyday troubles. He was born in a family of dedicated Baptists, strictly adhering to accepted religious postulates. He was brought up in great rigor, demanding unquestioning obedience to adults and observance of certain rules. It was not allowed to show one's own initiative and to show personal opinion, world outlook priorities were established exclusively by God-fearing parents. The boy, from his childhood, realized at the subconscious level some difference from his peers. As a child, he did not understand the true reasons for absolute indifference to pretty girls and an inexplicable attraction for boys.

Growing up, the guy learned the reasons for his unusual behavior, and decided not to hide his homosexual preferences, having informed his shocked parents about it. Until the remote corner of civilization, modern views have not yet come true, so a bold statement that contradicts the generally accepted moral standards caused a huge resonance among the population. Special condemnation and rejection of a special situation was felt by relatives. People openly show hostile attitudes, avoid contact with the boy, angrily responding to unacceptable behavior. Others believe that unusual beliefs are full of savagery, and manifested nontraditional predilections, have become a sign of an unknown disease that requires immediate healing. Persistent boy will continue to adhere to his opinion and renounce faith.

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