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Slumber (2017) Starting with watching Slumber, we know Alice, a doctor who studies nightmares and their impact on people. She is interested in how people behave in different phases of sleep. In addition, she is concerned about how dreams affect the manifestation of paranoia.

To Alice addresses interested parents who were recently concerned about their child's behavior. Every night he has nightmares, and then he wakes up in a cold sweat. The child ensures that something terrible and gloomy looks at him. It prevents him from moving and paralyzed him with fear. Alice agrees to study the boy and hopes to escape the horror family they have every night. During her activity, the doctor should give up the usual methods of treatment. Looking at the salons, he realizes with horror that the night in the souls of the souls of family members penetrates into something supernatural. If she wants to save the people who need her help, then she has to fight her own fears.

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