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Rampage (2018) Davis Okoyi is studying primates and, ultimately, educates gorilla George - sincerely considering him as his friend because he has no relationship with people and colleagues. In the laboratory, experiments are made on the gorilla genetics. George - once an intelligent and absolutely innocuous monkey, suddenly turns into a crazy monster who kills and destroys everything on the road. After another experience, the gorilla breaks the cages and is released. Without seeing obstacles, they head for the city center, leaving behind a ruin and a panic. It is very difficult to escape from the wild, huge primates trying to find and destroy you
Soon, chemists will find out that other laboratory residents have been exposed to the virus. And now half the country is destroyed by the actions of these monsters. Davis, fearing his pet, so loved by him and trying to help him, helps a familiar genetic engineer who is ashamed of the learned world. Scientists are trying to remedy the situation, find a vaccine to heal animals and prevent chaos.

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