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Mowgli (2018)

Mowgli (2018) A boy, caught in confluence of unpleasant circumstances in absolute solitude amidst impenetrable and dangerous jungles, was compelled to be brought up among animals. Now he is going through a difficult period of growing up, when the formation of life values. He knows that in dense thickets everywhere there are unforeseen threats and impartial surprises, threatening life. He had wise teachers who were able to teach a little, a small, unintelligent human cub, to dwelling not adapted in the wild. Due to living in a hostile environment, the boy developed animal instincts, contributing to the emergence of the ability to survive in difficult conditions. However, a child, nurtured by a she-wolf, raised by a bear and a panther, retained an innate essence inherent only in humans.

The matured, matured young man to experience not passing begins internal anxiety and inexplicable longing. He learned all the wisdom necessary for a full life among the wolf-kinsmen living in the African jungle. However, in moments of solitude, Mowgli begins to realize that he will never become a full member of the pack that has become his native. Surrounding animals do not show dislike or hostility, members of the new family try to show love to the adoptive son in every possible way. The older a guy becomes, the more obvious his difference is from four-legged friends. His habits are still human. A certain pattern of behavior and the ability to reflect on the distant future, assessing their own actions committed in the past, steadily reveal in it a human nature different from the bestial.


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Mowgli (2018)

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Mowgli (2018)

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