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The Manor (2018)

The Manor (2018) Once Jane in the movie "The Manor" suffered a grief: with her daughter strange things began to happen. Noticing the irrationality in the behavior of the child, the woman turned to the doctors. After researching the brain, the doctor's babies decided that Amy should be placed in a psychiatric hospital. With the consent of the mother, the young martyr was locked in the ward. Every day she was subjected to psychotherapy. Years later the patient's health improved and the girl was discharged. The delighted parent, wishing to create anti-stress conditions for her daughter, took her to a country cottage belonging to relatives.

Once in a dilapidated house, Amy tries to get used to a free life. But sometimes she feels uncomfortable. It seems to the heroine that in addition to relatives there is someone else living in the mansion. Afraid that she will again be deemed crazy, the young lady keeps her feelings secret. Soon it turns out that she is right. In the cottage is really inhabited by the evil nature of Aka Man. Demon, awakened from oblivion, thirsts for blood and begins to deal with mortals. Only a heroine who has a special gift can resist evil spirits.


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The Manor (2018)

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The Manor (2018)

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