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The Secret of Marrowbone (2017)

The Secret of Marrowbone (2017) At the very beginning of watching the film "The Secret of Marrowbone" we get acquainted with Jack and his younger brothers and sisters. Five of them live near a provincial town. Despite the proximity to people, children prefer to avoid any contact with strangers. Many locals are sure that they have something to hide. Among the inhabitants of the town there are rumors that something sinister is happening in the house, because they are not hiding far from everyone.

Soon it turns out that rumors and talk are not far from the truth. Most recently, my mother died in children, and if this information spreads, then the children will be separated. Each of them will go to the orphanage. But brothers and sisters do not want to part. They sincerely believe that they will be able to survive and keep a secret until they come of age when they will not be threatened. Jack takes care of his relatives. However, he can not save himself from the love of a girl who lives near their home. At the same time, Jack finds out that the place in which they live is shrouded in a dark secret. It turns out that in addition to them there lives a strange essence, ready to break out into our world.

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The Secret of Marrowbone (2017)

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The Secret of Marrowbone (2017)

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