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Slender Man (2018)

Slender Man (2018) At the very beginning of watching the movie "Slender Man", the spectator learns the urban legend about the existence of a strange and mystical force that affects the minds of children and adolescents around the world. Rumors say that the world is inhabited by a mysterious tall being with a subtle and terrifying figure. His unnaturally long arms attract victims. They easily grabbed children and teenagers. Nobody knows where he takes them and what happens to the victims of the Slenderman. Everyone knows only that no man has been able to return after his attack.

In the center of the story are teenage girls who doubt the existence of this monster. They have heard many times that he is responsible for the persecution and disappearance of countless children, but none of them have seen him. And to understand if it really exists, they conduct a mystical ritual. Soon to them is the one whom they fear. And after a while one of them disappears. The surviving girls begin to see nearby Slanderman, horrified that he will sooner or later take each of them.

The film "Slender Man" we strongly recommend to online viewing to everyone who loves mystical horror.


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Slender Man (2018)

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Slender Man (2018)

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