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Blockers (2018)

Blockers (2018) At the very beginning of watching the comedy film "Blockers" we get acquainted with Lisa, the single mother who devoted most of her life to the upbringing of her daughter Julie. Between them, a warm relationship, filled with a trustful relationship. However, Lisa understands that sooner or later the daughter will leave her to live on her own. And one day she does say that right after the graduation party she will go to the University of California. Learning this news, Lisa comes in shock. She is frightened from the mere thought that her daughter will be far away from her. Therefore, Lisa begins to think through a plan that, it seems to her, will help change this situation.

At the same time, we get acquainted with Mitchell and Hunter, parents who can not in any way realize that their daughters have grown up. For them, the girls are still small and innocent, even at those very soon graduation parties. Both parents are horrified to learn about their daughters' plans for an event arranged to complete the school's graduation. Therefore, they unite in order to prevent what their children have planned.

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Blockers (2018)

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Blockers (2018)

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