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The Darkest Minds (2018) The film "Dark Reflections" unfolds at a time when a mysterious epidemic begins to rage in the world. The best American doctors drop all their research and begin to create serum. However, every day of delay leads to the death of thousands of children. And after a while it becomes known that the spread of the disease can not be stopped. As a result, she kills almost all children throughout the country. There are only two percent of the survivors.

Scientists, trying to understand the essence of the phenomena, begin to notice that the surviving children begin to develop inhuman abilities. They become so strong that the government, fearing the influence of superhumans, decides to send all children and adolescents to special institutions where their forces will be controlled. In the center of the plot of the film "Dark Reflections" is a sixteen-year-old girl named Ruby. She gets the chance to escape from the government colony. Taking advantage of the chance, the girl joins a group of runaway adolescents.

See the movie "Dark Reflections" on the site online and you will find out what this fantastic story will end.

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