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Samson (2018)

Samson (2018) In the center of the history of the biblical drama film "Samson" is a man who was gifted with an unusual gift. Heaven gave him unique opportunities that other people do not have. But he must understand how to use his abilities. Only then will he be able to do the will of the one who sent him these powers. It is up to him to perform an incredibly complex and dangerous mission to lead his people out of prolonged enslavement. But you need to do this at the right time.

Events begin at a time when youthful ambition leads to the fact that the main character suddenly loses the love of his life. Being beside himself with anger, he begins searching for revenge, which brings him a direct conflict with the whole army. While his brother is trying to implement a tribal uprising, Samson needs to try to sort out the relationship with the temptress, capable of hindering his plans. Will he be able to find the strength in himself to realize what he has conceived and properly apply his power?

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Samson (2018)

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Samson (2018)

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