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Suspiria (2018) The American citizen Suzy from early years showed extraordinary abilities and interest increased to dance art, that eventually led her to a ballet school and professional pursuits her favorite work. The talented ballerina who has grown up, gained experience, goes to Berlin to build a good, creative career. Here she attends the legendary dance academy, where she intends to join the highly-qualified members of the ballet troupe. However, the joy of novelty and the long-awaited realization of children's dreams is soon replaced by fear of the supernatural phenomena taking place around. In the walls of the educational institution known to create something inexplicable and ominous, threatening the lives of people inside, involuntarily under the influence of something otherworldly falling and horrible. You can watch online Suspiria movie 2018 in high quality for free without registration.
A girl who came to a foreign country, dreaming to learn dance skills here, did not expect that in a place full of creative inspiration, she would have to face mystical, horrific phenomena incompatible with the notions of art and classical music. Constant visitors hide a terrible, deadly secret from the uninitiated. It turns out that there is a systematic preparation for the approaching, traditional, witch coven connected with the ancient curse. Shocked and frightened, Susie begins to realize with horror that she will inevitably turn into another victim. Avoid the sad fate is not possible, it is necessary to unravel the secrets of the magical things happening here to get out of the unintended, deadly alteration unharmed.

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