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Dumplin' (2018)

Dumplin' (2018) The film "Dumplin'" tells that all people are different, but sometimes you have to change yourself in order to achieve your goal. Nature makes a person individual: growth, figure, hair and eye color, complete coincidences are extremely rare. On what grounds is the redistribution of external data is unknown. Many scientists believe that genes play a decisive role in this matter, but sometimes low-born children are born in tall people, and this is already inexplicable from the point of view of genetics. With this problem, you have to face Willoughdine Dixon, who never complexed about her appearance.

Mama Will always watched the figure with awe: fitness, diet, which helped her in her youth to win the title of "Queen of Beauty". According to an inexplicable joke of nature, the daughter grew up the complete opposite of the mother. The girl quickly gained weight, but her rounded forms do not upset her at all. One day, Will falls in love with a nice guy named Bo and begins to worry about the figure. The girl decides to repeat her mom's way and is going to win at the city beauty contest in order to achieve the favor of her chosen one. See the film "Dumplin'" and find out that Will's main competitor is her friend, who has a natural grace and a magnificent figure.


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Dumplin' (2018)

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Dumplin' (2018)

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