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Love Sonia (2018)

Love Sonia (2018) The film "Love Sonia" tells about the most terrible crime of the 20th century - the trade in live goods. A person is cruel in nature and constantly strives to dominate others. This is born from early childhood, when a strong child selects a toy from a weak peer. Then a sense of strength and superiority takes on more pronounced forms, leading to sexual violence and more serious crimes. Despite the internal malice and aggression, people are greedy, and the desire to get rich by any means. When both factors combine, a rattling mixture is obtained.

Sonia is a pretty Indian girl who grew up in a small village. The young lady always communicated in a limited society, therefore mistakenly believes that the world is inhabited by only kind and sympathetic people. Naivety played a cruel joke on the girl. Sonia gets into cleverly arranged networks of slavers, turning into a living commodity. Now she has to plunge into the cruel world of sexual slavery, where there are no concepts of honor and dignity. The Indian woman will have to wander around in different countries, changing the hosts. Watch the movie "With Love, Sonya" and find out that the girl cherishes the hope of salvation.


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Love Sonia (2018)

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Love Sonia (2018)

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