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Pandas (2018)

Pandas (2018) Currently, very few species of mammals have survived, which lived in ancient times. One of these mammals are pandas. Scientists are sure that a serious obstacle to the evolution of these animals is the negative impact of human activities. Poachers killed pandas, significantly reducing their numbers.

Another serious problem was deforestation, changing the natural habitat of pandas. Now the pandas are under protection. China is working hard to keep this endangered species and increase its population. According to the data, now in nature there are about 1860 pandas, while only 25 cubs a year are born.

In Chengdu, there is a special zoo-laboratory in which scientists study the behavior of adult pandas and carefully take care of cubs. They do everything to return these unusual animals to nature. 2016 was for these funny bears special - their population has grown so much that they decided to remove from the Red Book.

Currently, the survival forecast for the species looks very promising. Chinese scientists are sure that thanks to timely measures taken to protect and restore the population, they managed to prevent the threat of the complete disappearance of pandas from the face of the Earth.


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Pandas (2018)

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Pandas (2018)

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