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Doroga (2016) The feature film "The Road" tells about the world of the future, in which terrible times have come, which hit the planet after monstrous cataclysms. Virtually all human population of the globe was destroyed, flora and fauna was lost. The surviving units feed on the canned food and other preserved products made before the terrible tragedy. But some people have become cannibals and such an existence can not be called happy.
In a world of devastation and hunger, on the way to nowhere, they try to find a living by a miracle the surviving father and his little son. Once, wanderers are taken prisoner to cannibals holding people in the basement of their house, the fate of which is to become someone's breakfast or lunch. But not wanting to themselves such a fate, the father and son run away. The road is the only goal of their life in the dying world of chaos. Will they be able to remain human beings to the end, preserving their humanity and compassion? © GuideOnline

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