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Mortal Engines (2018) An unknown catastrophe affects human civilization. Every day it gets worse, and people understand that only the strongest and those who show the ability to adapt will be able to survive. The events of the movie "Mortal Engines" begin to unfold after a thousand years from the moment the planet was struck by the apocalypse.

Humanity manages to survive, but for this it is necessary to pay a high price. The race of people now lives by new principles and rules. The new world order has changed the face of human civilization. Now the giant moving cities cut through the wastelands and are engaged in the absorption of small towns for the purpose of consuming their resources. In the center of the plot is Tom, a man living in the lower level of London. He is in mortal danger at a time when Esther suddenly and completely accidentally appears on his way, a rebel who is hiding from the servants of the law. They should not have met, but now they are together destined to change the face of humanity.

We want to recommend the film "Mortal Engines" to online viewing of all viewers who are interested in science fiction and adventure stories.

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