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Every Day (2018)

Every Day (2018) In the center of the story told by the authors of the film "Every Day", there is a sixteen-year-old girl named Rhiannona. Living a life that is no different from the life of her contemporaries, the heroine does not suspect that soon fate will give her an unusual gift.

Events begin to unfold at a time when it encounters an ethereal spirit that can be infused into the bodies of other people. Introducing "A", he amazes her with his rich inner world. Together they spend a lot of time, and after a while, Rhiannona realizes that she was fond of a ghost. To be together, every new day A is infused into the bodies of very different people. He does not pay attention to age, gender, religious affiliation, appearance and political conviction of a person. He only wants to be with his beloved. Every day, Rhiannona sees her lover in a variety of ways. Knowing his secret, she is trying to find a way to stay with him forever. But the more time passes, the closer the heroine is to the face of a tough decision that she has to take.

Love unusual stories about love? Then the film "Every Day" can be a worthy choice. We wish only the most interesting and enjoyable viewing.


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Every Day (2018)

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Every Day (2018)

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