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Adolescence (2018)

Adolescence (2018) The main character of Adolescence is Adam. Adam is raised in an ordinary family. Outwardly, the family looks rather prosperous. Educate his mother and stepfather, between whom often about the outbreak of scandals and skirmishes. One day, after returning home, he saw his stepfather being beaten by his mother. And this moment has very strongly affected Adam, turned his consciousness upside down. He had a strong feeling of dislike for his dearest mother. He could not understand how a woman tolerated this. And even when my stepfather left the family, the relationship between them did not improve.

And the situation in the family became simply unbearable. In addition to the psychological microclimate, their financial situation also deteriorated. Mother was forced to disappear at work all day long, to at least somehow feed and dress her child. All this led to the fact that Adam was on the street, which is full of surprises and negativity. And the first thing Adam encountered was drugs. Now he has to earn at least some pennies to buy the next dose. But he did not remain alone with his problems. His girlfriend, a neighbor girl and a friend, Ben, tried in every possible way to pull him out of this hole. Will Adam be able to defeat his illness?


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Adolescence (2018)

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Adolescence (2018)

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