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Shoplifters (2018) A small Japanese family lives very modestly, one can even say that it has financial difficulties. Their only income is their grandmother's pension. Some family members are forced to engage in petty fraud. Once the head of the family, after another raid, returned home and found the abandoned girl. His heart sank, he decided to take the baby home. As soon as they brought her to their house, the wife was not very happy about this circumstance. Poor existence does not prevent them from living together and happily. One evening the family saw a report about the missing girl.
She was just a baby, Naidenysh was from a respectable family. For her promised a decent reward. The main characters have not yet been in a hurry to leave the girl, they are very attached to her soul. A poor financial situation made them agree to give up the child. They still did not know what problems they would have to face. In the first place, they come across another theft, the daughter is kicked out of work, and the granny is dead. For the viewer, the family looks good-natured, but is under the pressure of bad circumstances. More is shown their unity and possibility to overcome difficulties. What will end this dramatic tape?

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