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An Actor Prepares (2018) An Actor Prepares is a father/son road trip movie that matches two strong characters head-to-head in the ultimate comedic face off. Atticus Smith (Jeremy Irons) is a highly celebrated actor, whose spectacular career is matched only by his rugged good looks and effortless, devilish charm. Atticus' estranged son, Adam (Jack Huston), is nothing like his philandering, drinking, devil-may-care father. He is a staunch feminist who teaches women's film studies and is devoted to his girlfriend. Adam has wanted nothing to do with his father after he be broke up the marriage to Adam's mother. But when a medical condition forces Atticus to hitch a ride from Los Angeles to New York to be at his daughter's wedding, Adam becomes his only option. And so begins their madcap, odd couple journey across the United States. The farther they go on their journey, and the more crazy adventures they share, the closer they come together until the scoundrel and the do-gooder see that they might not be as different from one another as they think.

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