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Flower (2017)

Flower (2017) In the center of the plot of the comedy drama "Flower" is a seventeen-year-old girl named Erica. She lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with her lonely mother. The girl is sharp on the tongue and seems to be surrounded by a very brazen person. However, Eric does not care. She knows perfectly well what she needs from life. That's just getting everything in seventeen years is not as easy as it seems.

Erica's life deteriorates at a time when her mother is getting married. As a result, this leads to acute family conflicts. Erica can not forgive his mother for this act. But even when she seems to be ready to get used to the presence of her stepfather in the family, suddenly the son of her husband appears on the threshold of their house. For Erica, he becomes the last straw in the cup of patience. The girl diverges to such an extent that she loses her sense of reality. However, she manages to pull herself together. To somehow forget about all the problems, she unites with her close friends. Together, they are going to take out a teacher who is suspected of contacting their students.

See the comedy-drama film "Flower" and you will learn how the events will develop further.


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Flower (2017)

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Flower (2017)

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