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Lizzie (2018) The creators of the crime drama "Lizzie" told the burning story of the terrible crime that occurred in the distant 1892. The events unfold in a huge manor belonging to a highly respected family. Members of the well-to-do dynasty led an idle life and did not know ills. They arranged dinner parties, communicated with friendly neighbors and enjoyed the wonderful August days. Unexpectedly, the situation is drastically changing. The servants were cleaning in their house and ran into the lifeless bodies of powerful hosts.
The mysterious ill-wishers cruelly mocked the honorable couple and several times struck them with a sharp ax. Police officers carefully examined the mansion, but did not find evidence on the territory. Guardians of the law were surprised that the attacker did not take anything of value and left in place expensive items. The closest relative of the deceased rich people became the main suspect. Detectives suggested that the pretty girl mercilessly dealt with the bored father and his new wife for a solid inheritance. A trial began, where evidence of her guilt was provided.

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