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Did I Kill My Mother? (2018)

Did I Kill My Mother? (2018) In the life of a girl, a high school student, tragic events occur, with unpredictable, unpleasant consequences, forever changing their former existence. Once the lifeless body of a father is found in his own home. The man was an honest, benevolent person, did not enter into conflicts with others, so he did not have enemies. After a brief investigation of a strange crime, the police found no direct evidence of anyone's involvement in the disaster, so the search for the criminal was officially terminated. A year has passed after the death of a man and a similar incident occurs in the family, now the victim of the unknown murderer is the deceased's wife. The only daughter becomes a round orphan, having lost her parents, who died under unexplained circumstances and without suspects. You can watch online I killed my mother movie 2018 in good quality for free without registering.

The investigation into the impasse comes when trying to find out the motives for the destruction of adult family members. It remains the only option for the development of terrible events, involving participation in the murder of the native daughter of the deceased spouses. The girl categorically rejects the suspicions of the police. But she is the legitimate heiress of all property, which becomes an indisputable fact working against her. The schoolgirl is in a desperate situation. She can go to prison, where she will spend practically her whole life. Friends of the unfortunate orphan are convinced of the innocence of a friend and intend to conduct an independent investigation to find the killer of the present and remove the terrible suspicions of the innocent. Children act in secret from the servants of the law, which significantly complicates the situation and adds to the risks of the planned event.


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Did I Kill My Mother? (2018)

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Did I Kill My Mother? (2018)

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