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White Orchid (2018) The events described in the dramatic painting White Orchid, transfer the audience to a small town located on the territory of California. Residents are used to unhurried way of life. They really like the fact that in the coastal area, there are almost never any criminal incidents. Unexpectedly, law enforcement officers discover on the seashore the lifeless body of a pretty young lady. The inhabitants of a quiet settlement were amazed by the tragic news. Their fear increased after they found out the circumstances of the case.
The dead girl was found completely naked, and her corpse mercilessly mutilated. A gifted female investigator comes to the aid of local law enforcement officers. Having carefully studied the available materials, she realized that finding a cunning criminal would not be so easy. City police officers are in no hurry to support their partner, so she begins to independently look for an attacker. The detective is supposed to talk with the girlfriends of the deceased, to study her habits and features. Will you get it to find out the truth about the death of a beauty you will understand if you decide to watch the movie White Orchid.

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