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The Assassin's Code (2018)

The Assassin's Code (2018) Michael Connelly in the film "The Assassin's Code" recently became a detective. In the service of the guy was met without much joy. Many policemen remembered the newcomer's father. The man was a corrupt cop who worked for mafia structures. When it turned out that he was draining the secret data of the bandits, he was fired with shame. Feeling the hostility of colleagues, the guy tries to atone for the sins of the parent. After all, he became a law enforcement officer only to prove to the public that not all Connelly scoundrels.

Suddenly, a lot of drugs disappear from the site's storage. The detective investigating this case is being killed. A committed crime is not easy, and many experienced police officers do not want to take on him. Michael sees in the incident the opportunity to prove himself. He asks the captain to entrust the investigation to him. The old cop is surprised at the eagerness of the newcomer, but still allows him to tackle this matter. Having studied the evidence and found the perpetrators of the crime, the hero learns that the drug business involves influential people of the city who can easily destroy his career. Despite the risk, the guy decides to expose the villains.


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The Assassin's Code (2018)

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The Assassin's Code (2018)

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