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City of Lies (2018)

City of Lies (2018) In the center of the plot of the film "City of Lies" is Russell Poole, a disgraced and frail detective who knows his work perfectly. Despite the fact that he is considered one of the best in the city, Russell can not accept his past, regularly recalling his only business, which he never managed to bring to the logical end. This event does not allow him to live peacefully, so he constantly returns to him. But each time Russell does not find the strength to continue the investigation.

Many years pass. Russell again remembers the tragic incident that caused a lot of questions from the media. This time the protagonist is going to finish it. To do this, he merges with a reporter named Jackson, who has important information that can help in the investigation. Together they have to unravel the web of a complex conspiracy in which influential people of the country and even Russell's colleagues can be implicated.

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City of Lies (2018)

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City of Lies (2018)

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