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Killing Winston Jones (2018)

Killing Winston Jones (2018) Following in the footsteps of his father, the main character chose a noble profession - to teach children to read and write. After working for many years at a local school, Jones Sr. went on a well-deserved rest. To the honor of a pensioner, he did not want to turn into a decrepit old man, and regularly visited the gym. The old man managed to maintain his body at the proper level, which gave him a healthy enough look and look 10 years younger than his age.

Watching how diligently his father takes care of himself, Winston thought that he deserved something more than the praise of others. The main hero decides to do everything possible to the school, which his father gave the best years of his life, called his name. From this moment begins an amazing comedy story, full of comic situations, humor and quite serious problems that the protagonist tried to solve with his inherent tenacity. Taking on such a bold mission, a man begins to implement his plans.

The school in which Winston works was built quite recently on the site of the old one, and the appropriation of her father's name would be very welcome. Hopes that everything will go smoothly and easily did not materialize, and the man realized that he would have to make great efforts to overcome the bureaucracy of local authorities and the prejudice of the townspeople who view this situation in a slightly different perspective than Winston himself. Wishing at all costs to achieve this goal, the hero begins to cover the thresholds of all sorts of instances, but soon realizes that acting, therefore, is unlikely to achieve anything.

We need to come up with something unusual, the result of which will not only surprise the local residents, but will also make you take more seriously the alterations, into which the protagonist has continually found himself. Comic incidents, various embarrassments and ridiculous troubles, coupled with an unbelievable risk of failing in all this venture, will not only amuse the audience, but will also make you sincerely worry about the main character.


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Killing Winston Jones (2018)

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Killing Winston Jones (2018)

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