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We Die Young (2018)

We Die Young (2018) Life in the slums is a daily struggle for survival, and the situation is the branch of Hell on Earth. Almost every slum district is a city-state, the authorities there either do not exist, or it is under the control of a criminal organization. Police in dysfunctional areas no carpets can not drag, because there is possible any arbitrariness. In one such autonomous territory, located in Washington, Lucas lives with his brother, who is trying to save himself from the pernicious influence of the ruling group. Lucas himself is part of it, has an influential patron. In fact, Lucas used to live in a slum, he is an immigrant, besides a teenager.

The boy has no choice. Not having support under your feet, how not in places with a gifted dwelling and the opportunity to earn extra money? Of course, he already regretted that he had become a bandit, otherwise he did not try to save himself from his brother's organization. He already does not come out of the gang - he just does not let go, you need to work out the debt imposed by the bandits. So he lived until he met with an amazing man - an Afghan veteran, treated for psychological trauma by Daniel. The men quickly became friends, and Lucas had a hope of saving the bandit patron from the silk with the help of a new friend.


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We Die Young (2018)

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We Die Young (2018)

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