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The Bouncer (2018)

The Bouncer (2018) The film "The Bouncer" is a colorful sketch of the struggle of a loving father for a valuable opportunity to educate his own child. He works as a security guard in a night institution. Work is not dusty, allows you to earn and spend time with your daughter in the daytime. Once in a bar there is a fight, as a result - the employee is in prison. They tell him: the fate of his little one is unenviable, an orphanage is waiting for her, the possible acquisition of new parents. A girl can never meet her dad, which will be the greatest tragedy for both.

While serving time, the man is more likely to be summoned to the guest. A secret agent came to him to offer a new job. But how is this possible? At stake - the opportunity to see the child, educate him. It is only necessary to go on a "business trip" to one of the European countries. There, the head of a major criminal community hides from the law enforcement agencies. If the newly-born prisoner can deliver this person to the secret administration, he will get freedom, return the familiar life, embrace the little daughter. See the movie "Lucas" as an example of the fact that behind a rough exterior and mediocre habits lurks a loving heart, which causes the mind to create unthinkable risky deeds.


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The Bouncer (2018)

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The Bouncer (2018)

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