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First Match (2018)

First Match (2018) The story told in the movie "First Match" is interesting because her main character is a girl, but she does not practice a woman's sport ...

Everyone considers Monique uncontrollable - in no foster family she can not last long. The girl's mother died and her father is serving time, so Mo is just lonely. And then one day the next escape from the foster parents turns into an unexpected meeting with the father - it turns out that he is no longer behind bars. However, the man does not have any business for the daughter - he openly eschews her and is only concerned with his problems. But Monique really wants him to recognize her.

To attract his attention, Monique goes to the fighting section - once her father was very good at it. The girl with hard work achieves very serious results, so that the parent is really impressed. However, he wants Mo to act in clandestine battles. At the same time, she has another alternative - to act together with the team in legal sports and to achieve there an honest and pure success. What will Monique choose?


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First Match (2018)

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First Match (2018)

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