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Mary Shelley (2017) The events of the movie "Mary Shelley" begin to unfold in London in 1814. A sixteen-year-old girl named Mary works in her father's book store. She genuinely likes to read stories in the Gothic genre. Mary herself can not understand what it is that attracts her, but she gets acquainted with new works every day, putting herself in the place of the main characters. The father approves of her enthusiasm, but the quarrelsome stepmother is unhappy with the fact that Mary often plunges into her fantasies. She is sure that the girl could take up the family business. Mary prefers to ignore her and engage in reading stories about ghosts.

The situation becomes even more tense at a time when the main character meets Percy, a kind of poet who has very radical views on many things that are of great interest to Mary. Soon a mutual interest appears between them. And who knows what this story will lead to. It can be an incredible inspiration for both.

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